Conference on Investment Opportunities in the Republic of Iraq

Iraq with the population of 38 millions persons, the third exporting destination of Iranian goods and services, is a growing market which on the basis of official census has recorded the growing mean of 25% within the last 5 years. In addition to big market capacity, the international estimation shows that Iraq should spend USD 400 billion for the revocation of country especially after the war of Terrorism.

These two features, in addition to growing oil industry has increased the economical attraction of Iraq.

We, relying on the worthy experience of stone for the last 25 years of commercial activities with Iraq, decided to study the solutions for increasing the economical activities in this country, in the conference of “Iraqi Market” in the presence of responsible authorities, industrialists, investors and senior economical authorities in order to uplift and increase opportunities of trade and commerce and profitability factory of participants.
The trilateral conference “Iraqi Market” will assist you the worthy economic authorities so by recognizing the Iraqi market, to increase your share in this country.

The procedure of security growth and income of government of Iraq, caused that most the public and private sectors and organizations, supporting the increase in economical activities.

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Registration Fee
1500$ Participant from turkey with hotel
950$ Participant from turkey without hotel
2000$ Participant from other countries
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