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Marketing goods and services in Iraq
If you want to increase your sales in Iraq and boost your position in the market therein, Trust World will assist you to market your goods in Iraq and acquire a share in the market.

The greatest worry of those having trade relations with Republic of Iraq is money transfers in technical and commercial terms. Trust World will carry out your transactions of money transfers at their market values in a guaranteed manner via its experienced banking experts and active offices in various cities of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

Thanks to its high level contacts in Iraq, Trust World will follow and finalize your procedures in terms of various contracts, administration, Banking and Customs Clearance affairs in the capacity of a reliable operator.

Trust World will undertake and finalize inspections of all your goods studiously in consequence of its collaboration with professional inspection firms.

Successfully completed customs clearance procedures is the key to accomplishing trade activities.
Trust World will complete customs clearance procedures of your goods in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran in the shortest time possible relying on its technique, power and, work capacity.
Hosting services to commercial delegations in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey
Trust World is ready to provide the highest level of service to your commercial delegations in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran based on its success in organizing trade conventions.

Trade of all consumer goods as well as industrial raw materials
Trade of machinery for highways and constructions

Presents and letters of appreciations
Export awards, letters of appreciations, and prizes to be presented to directors.

Trust World Bussiness & Services

Trust World also provides the following business & services throughout Iran, Iraq and Turkey.